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The Seadog app is available on Google Play for open testing.

Take the guesswork out of fishing

The Seadog app combines marine and fisheries data with artificial intelligence (AI), to help fishers increase the sustainability of their business, be safe at sea, save fuel, find new fishing spots, and increase revenue.

Your digital fishing assistant

The Seadog app keeps your information encrypted and safe. You have full control over who can view your data, and you can choose to delete it any time.

What people are saying about us

"... this type of revolutionary reimagining of fisheries management is the type of project we love."

Corporate Chief Sustainability Officer

"The study addresses a specific and important need [...], presents a cogent description of a well-planned and sophisticated analytical study, as well
as development of a tool for direct, everyday use by fishers. The goals are ambitious, yet inspiring [...]."
NOAA anonymous reviewer #1
"Creating an accurate forecasting model would be a great use of science and technology for the benefit of US
NOAA anonymous reviewer #2